Last 50 baby seeds delivered in Second Life

TimeParentBaby Seed
2017-05-27 22:00:17Smiling Orchid Tree *Blues*Smiling Orchid Tree *Purple*
2017-05-27 21:49:41Hyacinth *City of Harlem*Hyacinth *Sky Blue*
2017-05-27 21:49:13Poinsettia *Morning Frost*Poinsettia *Blushing Star*
2017-05-27 21:47:50Infinity Bamboo Rose *Blue Melody*Infinity Bamboo Rose *Pure White*
2017-05-27 21:46:07Bonsai *Light Green Leaf*Bonsai *Silver Leaf*
2017-05-27 21:45:46Croton *Bright Green*Croton *Bright Green*
2017-05-27 21:44:57Rose *Pink Promise*Rose *Enchanted Evening*
2017-05-27 21:44:56Rose *Cherry Parfait*Rose *Liberty*
2017-05-27 21:30:18Climbing Rose *Pink Serenity*Climbing Rose *Ruby Red*
2017-05-27 21:30:07Climbing Rose *Pink Champagne*Rose *Dream Come True*
2017-05-27 21:29:52Climbing Rose *Lady Luck*Climbing Rose *Black Beauty*
2017-05-27 21:29:34Climbing Rose *Lady Luck*Climbing Rose *Blushing Pink*
2017-05-27 21:29:21Climbing Rose *Faerie Charmed*Climbing Rose *Joyful Yellow*
2017-05-27 21:29:03Climbing Rose *Black Beauty*Climbing Rose *Vampire's Bite*
2017-05-27 21:28:51Infinity Bamboo Rose *Pure White*Infinity Bamboo Rose *Pure White*
2017-05-27 21:28:12Xmas Cactus *Purple*Xmas Cactus *Blush*
2017-05-27 21:27:55Dendrobium Orchid *Terpsichore*Dendrobium Orchid *Red*
2017-05-27 21:27:41Dendrobium Orchid *Sky Blue*Dendrobium Orchid *Yellow*
2017-05-27 21:27:13Rose *Cherry Parfait*Rose *Passionate Kisses*
2017-05-27 21:27:06Rose *Cherry Parfait*Rose *Heirloom*
2017-05-27 21:26:49Large Anthurium *Maroon*Large Anthurium *Amigo*
2017-05-27 21:26:35Cannabis *Avaritia*Cannabis *Luxuria*
2017-05-27 21:26:25Cannabis *Luxuria*Cannabis *Superbia*
2017-05-27 21:26:04Moth Orchid *Tropical*Moth Orchid *Purple*
2017-05-27 21:25:57Moth Orchid *Purple*Moth Orchid *Purple*
2017-05-27 21:25:35Lily *Sunny Day*Lily *Lady Alice*
2017-05-27 21:25:25Lily *Bella Luna*Lily *Sunset*
2017-05-27 21:24:46Princess Slipper Orchid *Albus*Princess Slipper Orchid *Cypreus*
2017-05-27 21:24:37Princess Slipper Orchid *Roseus*Princess Slipper Orchid *Albus*
2017-05-27 21:24:25Princess Slipper Orchid *Cypreus*Princess Slipper Orchid *Roseus*
2017-05-27 21:24:04Princess Slipper Orchid *Cypreus*Dendrobium Orchid *Pink*
2017-05-27 21:23:41Sunflower *Moonshadow*Sunflower *Orange*
2017-05-27 21:23:26Infinity Bamboo Rose *Lady Luck*Infinity Bamboo Rose *Pure White*
2017-05-27 21:23:04Petite Rose *Scarlett O'Hara*Petite Rose *Romeo*
2017-05-27 21:20:17Climbing Rose *Gold Rush*Petite Rose *King Arthur*
2017-05-27 21:20:00Climbing Rose *Sunset Orange*Climbing Rose *Vampire's Bite*
2017-05-27 21:10:21Saintpaulia *Flavus*Saintpaulia *Alba*
2017-05-27 21:09:24Saintpaulia *Flavus*Saintpaulia *Rutilus*
2017-05-27 21:02:53Rose *Pink Paradise*Rose *Enchanted Evening*
2017-05-27 20:42:59Climbing Rose *Sunset Orange*Rose *Moonstone*
2017-05-27 20:42:12Climbing Rose *Blushing Pink*Climbing Rose *Ruby Red*
2017-05-27 20:27:06Lily *Jelly Bean*Lily *Casablanca*
2017-05-27 20:26:15Easter Egg Tree *White*Hyacinth *Gypsy Queen*
2017-05-27 20:26:00Bird of Paradise *Reginae*Bird of Paradise *Reginae*
2017-05-27 20:25:46Bamboo *Feng Shui*Lucky Bamboo *Saturday*
2017-05-27 20:25:45Marigold *Blue*Marigold *Princess*
2017-05-27 20:25:19Climbing Rose *Vampire's Bite*Climbing Rose *Faerie Charmed*
2017-05-27 20:24:56Caladium *Night Shade*Caladium *White Christmas*
2017-05-27 20:24:36Christmas Tree *Cozy*Christmas Tree *Black and White*
2017-05-27 20:24:10Evil Broccoli *Mystic*Large Pachyphytum *Hidalgo*