Top Breeders

Top 20 PlantPets Breeders (based on the last 7 days)

1.Kaleatah Resident1838
2.Alva Swansen583
3.Anja Horten511
4.Teresa Firelight493
5.CRITTERQUEEN Resident425
6.RomaniaRo Resident248
7.Toxana Noel157
8.Akino123 Resident123
9.04virtual04 Resident100
10.Zia Thibedeau99
11.Lucie Wiefel93
12.Marie Whitfield91
13.THAKH Resident90
14.Studcrusher Resident87
15.DasEbilOne Resident83
16.florida809 Resident79
17.Subboy Meskin72
18.Celberon Donardson65
19.Pixel Ghost62
20.Calintane Resident60

Score Explained:

The score is based on baby seeds received by avatars in the last seven days.
common baby seed - contributes 1 point to the score.
seasonal baby seed - contributes 2 points to the score.
rare baby seed - contributes 10 points to the score
limited baby seed - contributes 100 points to the score.
elite baby seed - contributes 10 points to the score.
vintage baby seed - contributes 10 points to the score.
Note that an elite seed will contribute 10 points for being an elite plus 10 for being rare or 100 for being limited, for example.