Top Breeders

Top 20 PlantPets Breeders (based on the last 7 days)

1.Monellis Resident821
2.Anja Horten504
3.Alva Swansen476
4.Anjouli Troncon376
5.Giada Visconti339
6.Susie Asalia309
7.Angi Pralou263
8.Amalthia Crystal245
9.Nikola Austris241
10.Zinbaco Kattun205
11.Gknow Resident159
12.Suln Mahogany158
13.Norsk Himmel141
14.Caemlyn Witherspoon135
15.EvaHarley Resident126
16.artik72 Resident126
17.AllisonJackman Resident118
18.LyraSilverstar Resident104
19.Tandy Streusel95
20.Akino123 Resident89

Score Explained:

The score is based on baby seeds received by avatars in the last seven days.
common baby seed - contributes 1 point to the score.
seasonal baby seed - contributes 2 points to the score.
rare baby seed - contributes 10 points to the score
limited baby seed - contributes 100 points to the score.
elite baby seed - contributes 10 points to the score.
vintage baby seed - contributes 10 points to the score.
Note that an elite seed will contribute 10 points for being an elite plus 10 for being rare or 100 for being limited, for example.