Q. What can I do with my surplus seeds?

A. If you have produced more PlantPets seeds than you wish to plant and grow yourself, there are multiple things you can do with them:

  1. You can either put for sale the surplus seeds or give them away to friends. We offer a Stats HUD that suggests base prices for seeds.
  2. You can plant 10 seeds and then exchange 10 growing plantpets for a variety of breeder’s tools. This is done with an object we call “Mission”. You can purchase one of the available missions at the PlantPets Main Store and then use it to exchange 10 growing plantpets for one of the following:
    • One-week Water Droplet. Water droplets water plantpets of their owner automatically.
    • Booster Pack. PlantPets boosters speed up the production of baby seeds. With boosters, a plantpet can produce a seed every 5-6 days.
    • Magic Booster. Once a plantpet produces all its seeds, it becomes vintage and can no longer produce seeds. Magic boosters reverse this and a plantpet can produce another set of seeds depending on its status: common (7 seeds or 14 seeds if elite), seasonal (11 seeds or 22 seeds if elite), rare (14 seeds or 28 seeds if elite) or limited (77 seeds or 154 seeds if elite).
    • Older limited, rare, or seasonal PlantPets seeds. This is an opportunity for collectors to obtain older limited seeds.

Please note that the following three plantpets CANNOT be used in missions because they have been available either free or as 24h demos:

  • Eleusis *Roseus*
  • Lilac Bush *Fiera*
  • Hot Lips *Utopia*

Q. How does the PlantPets Stats HUD determine the recommended price of a plantpet seed?

This recommended price of a plantpet seed shown by the PlantPets Stats HUD is calculated as follows:

recommended_price = e * base_price/(0.8 + p) + v * 100


  • base_price is L$350 for common plantpets, L$550 for seasonal plantpets, L$980 and L$1925 for limited plantpets.
  • e is 1.5 for elite plantpets and 1 for the rest.
  • v is 1 for vintage plantpets and 0 for the rest.
  • p is the percentage of the seeds of this plantpet out of all plantpets seeds collected in the last 65 days.

For common plantpets which are not vintage or elite, the recommended price is capped at L$250.

Q. What is a vintage plantpet?

A. A vintage plantpet is a plantpet that has produced all its seeds and can no longer give seeds. Some very old plantpets are vintage as soon as they are planted. They are clearly marked as vintage in the PlantPets Catalog. This makes them extremely rare and hard to breed. Any other plantpet will also become vintage after all its seeds have been collected. Any vintage plantpet can be made breedable again by giving it a magic booster. You can get a magic booster at the PlantPets Main Store.

Q. I planted a seed but did not receive the potted plant. My seed says Planted Seed above it. What should I do?

A. If the seed looks like a brown acorn and it says Planetd Seed above it, it means this is an old seed. We discontinued these seeds in May 2019 and asked all breeders to update their seeds. Please note that as of 2023 we no longer support these old seeds. Please contact the avatar who sold this old seed and ask them for a refund.

Q. My plantpet did not give me a seed when I typed give baby in the chat.

A. You need to apply TWO updates to your growing plantpets one after the other BEFORE collecting any seeds. The first update is from 2019, the second update is from 2021.

Step 1. Collect the robot for the 2019 update from the PlantPets Main Store. Rez it on your land and switch it ON. One robot will update all your plantpets in the region. Please follow the instructions at https://plantpets.dejapi.com/?q=node/10911. Please not that seeds from before May 2019 are no longer updatable and no longer usable.

Step 2. When you finish with the first update please follow the instructions at https://plantpets.dejapi.com/?q=node/10919 for the second update to update your growing plants to version 3.088 or higher.

Q. My plantpet is unhealthy/unhappy. What to do?

A. To make your plant healthy you need to make sure it stays happy for a long period of time. If it has been unhealthy for a long period of time it will need to stay happy even longer to recover its health. So, how to keep it happy... you can do the following:
1. While you are around the plantpet set it at Fast speed and make sure it is always watered above 40%.
2. Before u go away or offline water the plant to 100% and leave it at Regular speed.

Q. How much does it cost to take care for a plantpet?

Taking care for plantpets can be free. They only need water to be happy and healthy and they are watered simply by pressing a menu button. When their moisture is below 40% their happiness will drop and once their happiness drops below 40%, their health will drop too. They do not die when left dry, but if either their happiness or health is below 50%, they stop counting down the days to a baby seed until both their happiness and health go up again to at least 50%.

On Regular speed it takes at least seven days for the moisture to drop from 100% to 40%. That is, it is sufficient to water your plantpets once a week or even once in 10 days to keep them breeding. If you are away from SL for an extended period, you can purchase a droplet which will water your plantpets automatically for a certain period of time.

Q. How many prims is a plantpet?

A. All plantpets have a pot/planter which is typically 2-5 LI. All plant parts are temp rezzed by the pot. Mesh plant parts are typically below 10 LI but some plants are up to 30 LI. They are counted as any permanent prims on your land. For sculpt plantpets (usually older plantpets) the temp rezzed prims will appear as prims owned by you on your land but they do not get subtracted from prims allowed on your land.

There is also a limit on the number of temporary prims you can have on your land. This limit is determined by the formula found in the SL Wiki at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/PRIM_TEMP_ON_REZ.

Q. I get a message that my plantpet cannot rez because my sim is full. There are plenty of prims available in my sim. What's wrong?

A. All plantpets have a pot which consists of 2-5 permanent prims. All plant parts are temporary prims rezzed by the pot. Temporary prims are counted separately from permanent prims. It is possible to have plenty of (permanent) prims available in your sim/land and at the same time to reach the limit of temporary prims. A sim can hold more temporary prims than permanent prims but the limit can be reached. If that happens then there are two things you can do:

  1. Press the regrow button on plantpets which are high LI. This will only reset their growth and all other parameters (including the days to a baby seed) will remain the same. Most plantpets are significantly lower LI at their earlier stages of growth.
  2. Press the Hide button on some of your plantpets to stop the temprez. Please note that hidden plantpets take 25% longer to produce a seed. This is because on the same land you can breed much more hidden plantpets than plantpets with their plant parts shown.

Q. Can I take my plantpet to inventory? Can it die while in my inventory?

A. Yes, you can take your plantpet to inventory. Please take only the pot. You can simply delete the rezzed plant parts or let them disappear automatically within 1 min. Next time you rez the pot it will rez all plant parts automatically within 1 min.

While in inventory your plantpet cannot die. It will be paused. Next time you rez the pot the plantpet will resume its functions.

Q. How do I move my plantpet?

A. Please move only the pot. The plant will automatically follow within 1 min.

Q. What do boosters do?

A. A plantpet can give one baby seeds every 52 days if kept at least 50% happy and 50% healthy. However, if either their happiness or their health is below 50% then they stop counting down the days to a baby seed until both their happiness and their health become again at least 50%.

Whatever the happiness or the health of a plantpet is, the days it needs to produce the next baby seed can be reduced by applying a booster. Boosters are available at the PlantPets Main Store. PlantPets which are elite also give boosters each time you collect a seed from them.

One unit of booster is equal to one day reduction. A booster may have capacity one or more units. When applied to a plantpet all units of a booster are applied together and the days to the next baby seed get reduced by the number of applied units. However, only one booster (regardless from its capacity) can be applied within 24th.

To apply a booster, simply rez it near your plantpets, check Boost in the menu of the plantpet and then touch the booster to activate it. Then the booster will be applied, and it will delete itself. If you have checked Boost in the menus of multiple plantpets then the booster will be applied to one of them picked randomly.

Q. Do I have to buy boosters for my plantpet to keep it alive?

A. No, you only need to keep your plantpet at least 50% happy and at least 50% healthy by making sure it is watered above 40%.

Q. My plantpet is stuck and does not count down the days to having a baby plantpet. What's wrong with it?

A. Your plantpet must be at least 50% happy and at least 50% healthy to count down the days to having a baby plantpet. Make sure it is. If it is not, then see the answer to the question My plantpet is unhealthy/unhappy. What to do?

Q. My plantpets stopped rezzing and counting down the days to baby seeds. How to fix them?

A. Please contact the customer support. You will be given an object that will restore the scripts in your plantpet while keeping all its parameters, except the growth percentage. When you encounter this problem, it is most likely that the scripts in your plantpet have been corrupted. Do not reset the script in your plantpet! Resseting the script kills the plantpet!

Q. How do Xcite!-compatible plantpets work?

A. Xcite!-compatible plantpets become sensitive only when at least 70% happy. They react when an avatar that wears Xcite! genitalia touches the plant parts. In addition, they scan for avatars wearing Xcite! genitalia around them every 5 min and raise the excitement of the first avatar they find.

Q. Can I sell my seeds? At what price?

A. Yes, you are free to sell your seeds. You can sell them at any price. Please note that some markets may impose a minimum price on products you put on sale. We offer the set4sale system which packs seeds in boxes for sale with their catalog posters, one seed per box. We sell the posters separately if you wish to use them in vendors for multiple seeds. We also offer a Stats HUD that suggests base prices for seeds.