Major Mandatory Update 2019-1

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Two weeks ago all communication from plantpets and seeds to our servers failed due to some of our scripts becoming too old. On the 20th of May we restored our servers, but all plantpets and all plantpet seeds in SL must be updated in order to make them communicate to our servers.

To update your plantpets and seeds you must do the following.

Step 1. Pick up the two update robots from the PlantPets Main Store.

Step 2. Rez Update Robot Seeds 2019-1. This is a green robot that updates your seeds. This robot is always ON and it will update old seeds until Jul 1, 2019. After this date, seeds can be updated in the PlantPets Main Store.

Old Seed Update Robot Seeds 2019-1 New Seed

Step 3. Move your seeds from your Inventory to the Content Tab of Update Robot Seeds 2019-1. Make sure your seeds are not placed in boxes before you put them in the green robot. Your seeds must look like the Old Seed in the picture above before putting them inside the green robot. You can fill the robot with as many seeds as you can.

Step 4. Touch the robot to update one seed per touch. The up-to-date seed will be delivered to your Object folder.

Step 5. Rez Update Robot Plants 2019-1. This is an orange robot that updates your growing plantpets. Touch it to switch it ON. This robot will update all your growing plantpets in the region automatically. After the update each plantpet will have 1 baby seed ready to deliver.

To verify that your plantpet has been updated please press the [Get Update] button in its menu. If you see "up to date" in the chat then your plantpet has been updated. Updated plantpets also have an extra Status line in the report they print in the chat. Here is a report of an updated plantpet:

| Catalog name: Rose *Heirloom*
| Catalog page:
| Status: common
| No baby seeds are ready to be delivered at this moment.
| 52 days left to having the next baby seed.
| Rez a booster to speed up the generation of the next baby seed!

Step 6. The orange robot will not be able to update plantpets which did not have their baby generation process already activated. These are plantpets which had never started counting down the days to next baby seed. These plantpets can be updated only manually. To do so, please take the two script *communicator-b2019-1 and *seedgenerator-b2019-1 out of the orange robot into your Inventory, and then drag and drop them into the pot of your plantpet. This should update your plantpet. Plants updated manually won't have an extra seed ready to be delivered.