PlantPets Winter Holiday Contest 2023

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

Do you find joy in crafting and wish to spread the festive cheer among the PlantPets community? Join us for the PlantPets Winter Holiday Contest!

To participate, simply complete a registration notecard and deposit it into the designated sign in front of the PlantPets Main Store by December 15th.


Your task is to construct a Winter diorama featuring your favorite PlantPet. The diorama should measure 4x4 meters and include one live Plantpet. Keep the land impact of your creation to 20 or less, excluding the temporary prims of the living PlantPet.

The big reveal of the winners will take place on December 23rd at 12pm SLT during a lively party, with DJ Alva providing the tunes. Plenty of random gifts will go around. Prizes include a cash reward of L$10,000 for the first-place winner, L$5,000 for the second-place winner, and L$2,500 for the third-place winner. Additionally, all participants will receive a seed for a new PlantPet specially crafted for this event. Join us in celebrating the holiday spirit with creativity and fun!