List of avatars who first discovered hidden plantpets

The avatar who discovers a hidden plantpet first, i.e. collects it as a baby seed first, can claim a second seed of it as a reward. Claim by sending an IM to Bruce Liebknecht in SL.

PlantPetAvatarTime of Discovery
Hot Lips *Electra*Gaseous Frenzy2023-02-05 11:04:36 MDT
Hot Lips *Doll*Serendipidy Haven2023-02-05 13:48:55 MDT
Hot Lips *Jucy Satin*Mystique Desire2023-02-06 07:53:09 MDT
Hot Lips *Dark Desire*Cheyenne Core2023-02-06 15:21:48 MDT
Hot Lips *Babe*Fussey Resident2023-02-07 18:47:27 MDT
Hot Lips *Vamptastic*xDarksnowx Resident2023-02-10 10:31:56 MDT
Hot Lips *Butterfly Kisses*Kizi Wonder2023-02-16 07:25:12 MDT
Hot Lips *Sweetie*Harry333 Allen2023-02-24 06:28:33 MDT
Crocus *Ambrosia*Serendipidy Haven2023-03-09 13:20:01 MDT
Caladium *Amethyst*Anja Horten2023-03-15 09:29:49 MDT
Caladium *Aqua Aura*Mystique Desire2023-03-17 06:13:48 MDT
Caladium *Ruby Zoisite*Mystique Desire2023-03-27 15:02:48 MDT
Fruit Tree *Anjou Pear*Anja Horten2023-07-01 15:10:30 MDT
Fruit Tree *Lime*Emperor Magne2023-07-01 19:09:17 MDT
Fruit Tree *Ozark Plum*FeeUna Resident2023-07-03 12:42:46 MDT
Fairy Slipper *Purple*Anja Horten2023-08-11 09:23:22 MDT
Fairy Slipper *Orange*Serendipidy Haven2023-08-11 09:52:56 MDT
Fairy Slipper *Candy*Serendipidy Haven2023-08-11 09:55:06 MDT
Glamping Tent *Forest*DieKindlicheKaiserin Resident2023-08-11 14:32:46 MDT
Fairy Slipper *Borealis*Gaseous Frenzy2023-08-11 19:41:43 MDT
Fairy Slipper *Pink*Tate Fishtail2023-08-12 07:42:55 MDT
Fairy Slipper *Emerald*Beadnstone Jewell2023-08-12 14:07:20 MDT
Fairy Slipper *Violet*Mystique Desire2023-08-17 01:26:43 MDT
Fairy Slipper *Peach*silverwingtw Resident2023-08-20 16:45:25 MDT
Glamping Tent *Boho Beach*sarizen Resident2023-09-01 16:50:39 MDT
Twisted Tree Chair *Rain*Serendipidy Haven2023-10-30 16:18:30 MDT
Twisted Tree Chair *Aquamarine*Mystique Desire2023-10-31 03:41:55 MDT
Twisted Tree Chair *Scarlet*Tate Fishtail2023-10-31 08:03:44 MDT
Winter Rose *Quartz*Starshine Amethyst2024-01-23 14:09:29 MDT
Winter Rose *Amethyst*Anja Horten2024-01-23 14:13:29 MDT
Winter Rose *Opal*sarizen Resident2024-01-23 14:56:20 MDT
Winter Rose *Topaz*Anja Horten2024-01-23 15:03:27 MDT
Winter Rose *Sunstone*Serendipidy Haven2024-01-23 15:04:24 MDT
Winter Rose *Onyx*Tate Fishtail2024-01-23 15:30:01 MDT
Winter Rose *Moonstone*Floyd Sack2024-01-23 15:32:15 MDT
Winter Rose *Amber*Floyd Sack2024-01-23 15:32:23 MDT
Winter Rose *Aquamarine*Tate Fishtail2024-01-23 15:34:38 MDT
Winter Rose *Diamond*Serendipidy Haven2024-01-28 14:06:44 MDT
Winter Rose *Azurite*Tal Barrs2024-01-28 14:56:21 MDT

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