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New Poinsettias and Christmas Raffle

PlantPets would like to wish all PlantPet breeders Happy Holidays! To celebrate this holiday season we are releasing four new rare poinsettia plantpets. They are available for purchase for L$350 each in the PlantPets Main Store. We also put out vendors with all seasonal Christmas plantpets in the PlantPets Main Store.

The four new poinsettia plantpets and all other seasonal Christmas plantpets will be available for sale in the PlantPets Main Store until the 29th of December. All of them are 20% off for members of the group PlantPets Premium when they wear their group tag.

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Lily PlantPets Released

Today we are releasing 14 lily plantpets! This is the first time we have a lily plantpet thanks to their builder Roxy Bergiere! Pictures of all 14 lilies are available in our web catalog at

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PlantPets @ RFL Christmas Expo and Winter Breedables Fair 2014

We would like to announce that this year PlantPets will take part in the Winter Breedables Fair at the RFL Christmas Expo as usual. We have been participating every year since the beginning of the breedables fairs three years ago. Below is the official press release from the organisers of the expo.


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Limited Edition Halloween-Themed PlantPets

Today at 13:30 SLT we release the long awaited limited edition plantpet Caladium *Night Shade*. Together with it we also release the PlantPets Mission Fall 2014. At the release we are holding a raffle from 13:30 to 15:00 SLT in the PlantPets Main Store. To enter the raffle an avatar just needs to stay on the ground floor in the store. The raffle will give a Halloween-themed plantpet seed to a randomly picked avatar every 10 min.

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Halloween Limited Edition

This weekend we are releasing a limited edition Halloween-themed caladium plantpet! Stay tuned!

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Old Lucky Bamboo

Starting from today the old and rare Lucky Bamboo *Green* (new name *Elegance*) joins the gene pool of the other lucky bamboos. That is, the seeds given by it can be any lucky bamboo and it may come as a baby seed of any other lucky bamboo.

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New Lucky Bamboos

Today we release 14 new lucky bamboo plants. These are 7 common bamboo plants named after the days of the week and 7 rare ones named after the Seven Lucky Gods of good fortune in Japanese mythology and folklore. They are:

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Lucky Bamboo Name Change

In anticipation of releasing 14 new lucky bamboo plantpets we are changing the catalog name of Lucky Bamboo *Green* to Lucky Bamboo *Elegance*. Breeders don't need to take any action. The seeds named Lucky Bamboo *Green* will deliver the same plant but with the new catalog name.

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Easter Egg Factory LE

Today we released the limited edition plantpet Easter Egg Factory! It belongs to the species Wondergarden but it has the same genes as our Easter Egg Tree. That is, its baby seeds will be among the plantpets with the Spring gene. The included particle effect of rainbow coloured butterflies makes use of clipart textures created by

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New Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies have been in the plantpets catalog since the very beginning of PlantPets. Now we have decided to update our calla lilies by releasing a new version. The new calla lilies are 12 and all can be seen in our web catalog. Six of them are common and six are rare. The six common ones can be purchased at the PlantPets Main Store L$595 each and the six rare ones will come as baby plantpets of them. You can also get the six rare ones with the PlantPets Yule mission.


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