New Species, New Status & Floral Costume Contest!

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On the 30th of March at 12 pm SLT, PlantPets is unveiling an exciting addition to its collection: the Desert Rose species. Celebrate with us during the 2-hour launch party featuring DJ Bossman & Host Papa at the PlantPets Main Store & Market, packed with rewards and surprises. Highlighting the event, we're excited to announce a Floral Themed Costume Contest. Show off your creativity with outfits inspired by the world's flora - from orchids and hibiscus to cacti and succulents. Incorporate elements like flower petals and vibrant leaves to bring your botanical look to life.

The Desert Rose species will encompass 18 distinct varieties in terms of color and texture, categorized as follows: one seasonal Desert Rose, 11 common variants, 5 rares, and an exclusive ultra limited edition. Within the PlantPets Main Store, a curated selection of seven commons will be available for purchase. During the entire month of April, we will also sell the seasonal and ultra limited editions.

Four common and five rare varieties, including one rare elite, will be hidden, i.e. will not appear in the PlantPets Web Catalog initially. These varieties will only be revealed when an avatar acquires one as a baby seed through breeding. The first individual to uncover a hidden Desert Rose, by obtaining its seed, will be rewarded with an additional seed of the same variety. Information regarding these hidden Desert Roses and the discoverers will be accessible at

This launch also heralds the introduction of the ultra limited status for PlantPets. These ultra-limited editions will be offered for sale at the PlantPets Main Store or during specific events, either for a limited duration or in restricted quantities. Ultra limited plantpets will come as baby seeds only of the same ultra limited plantpets with 9% probability, i.e. one of every 11 seeds on average. Additionally, breeding an ultra-limited PlantPet offers a bonus: there is a 9% chance that, upon delivering a seed, it will also yield a mission that rewards a four-day water droplet in exchange for ten growing PlantPets.