New Bamboo PlantPets

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

Today we are releasing eight beautiful curvy bamboo plantpets. Seven of them are common and the eight one the Golden bamboo is a rare elite. They belong to the Lucky Bamboo species but they have their strong curvy gene which will make most of their babies also curvy bamboos.

Together with their release we also release the PlantPets Spring 2016 Mission. As usual the mission eats six growing plantpets and allows you to pick an award. Among the awards we have the new rare elite Golden bamboo and a selection of spring PlantPets:

- Bamboo*Golden* (rare elite)
- Easter Egg Tree *White* (seasonal)
- Narcissus *Mateo* (rare elite)
- Hyacinth *Top Hit* (rare elite)
- Shamrock *Leprechaun* (seasonal)
- Shamrock *Four Leaf* (rare elite)
- Shamrock *Silver Green* (limited edition)
- Wondergarden *Easter Egg Factory* (limited edition)
- Mr. Shamrock *Lucky* (rare elite)