In Memory of Lee

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

We just released a limited elite Smiling Orchid Tree *Lee* in memory of Leeuwie Shepherd - Lee, who we have been missing since 2014. The PlantPets Main Store will give away seeds of it, one seed per avatar, until the 23rd of August (no tag required).

Lee built some of the most beautiful plantpets – Anthurium, Croton, Marigold, Moth Orchid, and Smiling Orchid Tree. He was full of creative ideas, and we had future plans which remained unfinished. Lee’s contribution to PlantPets is immense and is well remembered.

I meant to release a limited edition in his memory for a long time and now the moment has come. The limited edition has Lee’s original design and we colored the orchids with new textures with the help of Roxy Bergiere.