Winter Holiday Special Release

Bruce Liebknecht's picture

Today at the PlantPets Winter Holiday Gala, we are releasing two new Crocus plantpets: the limited edition Crocus *Frosty Claus Bloom* and the seasonal elite Crocus *Choco*. They are specially crafted to be given as awards to the participants in the PlantPets Winter Holiday Contest for designing 4x4 meter dioramas. Of course, once they come as baby seeds to breeders they will become available in the shops of breeders.

What is very special about them is that they will give a crocus plantpet only with a 50% chance, and in the other 50% they will give a baby seed of any other plantpet that is not limited or vintage, similar to how our Christmas Trees work. The limited Crocus *Frosty Claus Bloom* will also be able to give seeds of itself with a 10% probability.