List of PlantPet Breeders

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Publish the surl of your shop/farm with a short description.

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We breed and sell every PlantPet created by DejaPi.

Try our lucky dips which contain Elite, Rare, Seasonal and Common PlantPets.

FanTABulous Farm - Wide selection of Limited Edition, Elite, Rare, Seasonal and Common PlantPets.

A large variety of plants, from common to rare/elite, for sale at reasonable prices in addition to a complete line of PlantPet accessories.

Sorry - Input deleted as store has been closed

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Various PlantPet-Babys inclusive Rares for you inworld, also a Special Corner with cheap babys and goodies ;-)
Feel free to look around here, you´re welcome :-)

Bi Pets

Nice Plant Pets including Rares at great prices!

I have many plantpets for sale - several rare. Come check them out at Fantasy Islands Resort.

For any questions about what I have, IM me, Cuddlepuss Tigerpaw

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Were not a large store but we have quite a few rare plants and some of the best prices in SL, Also we carry a wide selection of occasional baskets so come on by and give us a look:

Zane Magnifico
The Leafy Basket

We grow at least one of every type of plantpet, so you will find a good variety!

Genesis PlantPets has changed is the new slurl:

same great setup and wide variety...every PlantPet in the shop is different!

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Right now over 80 babys for sale, all different. Prices lds 200 to 700.

Visit my greenhouse and have a look. Have fun !!

Mister Tex was my first shop keeper and it was at his greenhouse I made my first purchases and built up my existing stock. I can confirm that his level of service is outstanding. He would go out of his way to assist and even come back to me a day or two later to check that everything was progressing well or to offer a "thank you for your custom" present. His prices are very competitive too.

Thanks Max :)) I realy appriciate it!

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One of the largest PlantPet stores on the grid. Looking for that hard to find plant come look here we probley have it. Reasonabe prices large selection what more could you ask for.

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I just started with the breeding more plants will come soon

18 plants for sale now, from common too rare elite, lot's of mr shamrock

Visit my store at

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Visit my little shop, I have some nice and also rare PlantPetBabies for Sale.
Hugs and Greetings
Violetta Miles

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I have a few nice PlantPets in my shop at the Borough.

Please stop by :)

New Shop Opened @ Moonshel

We have***Common's,Rare's and Elite's Plant at great prices. PlantPet are easy to take care of.Fun to grow, ST0P BY TODAY AND PICK UP YOUR PLANTPET

I've moved again! Think I'll stay put for a while. We have LOTS of great PlantPets and great prices. Meeroos and Bregon Dragons too!

Grown with love....
and water.

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I've set up a greenhouse and inside are the plantpets breedable plants that are coming from my plants. I think each one is so beautiful! Please visit the greenhouse and while you're here... visit the rest of the sim and have some fun.

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A fine selection of Plant Pets and other breedables, Habitats, Decor and Landscaping.

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Big selection including elites, rares and all new Plants. More added almost daily so don't forget to check back:-)

You can also find more of my plants on the Marketplace

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I got a small but lovely collection of PlantPets available for sale. Just 2 Rare PlantPets and otherwise some Commons left. Come and take a look:

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link :::

Hello all, already own more than 100 wonderful plants, variety of rares, rares elite, seasonal, common and all available now, season greetings to all and enjoy breeding. ;-p

my marketplace links ::

keep updated and adding more plants ,limited,seasonal,common, rares and elites
all gift packed and ready to give them a lovely home

Finally in-world store ::::

We welcome you to Friends Garden.

A small greenhouse, with a lot of plantpets, we currently have almost all species, and barely in one month will begin to bear seeds.

Please, take a look:

And, in the marketplace:

We just wanted to let everyone know our new PlantPet store is now open. Were building up inventory and offering some really great prices, so come on over and take a peek.

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Hello Friends ;)
I want to introduce you my little Shop where you can buy Plants and nice Planters/Pots for your PlantPets.
Hope you will like it! Most of them you can find here:
Or use my inworld Profile to tp to my inworld-shop

Take care

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I've been in business for over 6 months, but I forgot to list my store. I love plants, both in rl and in sl, and I love PlantPets because my black thumb does not exist in the virtual world! Yay! My SL home is filled with them as is my store. Stop on by and find your new PlantPet baby!

You can use below link or check my profile for pick/classifieds


Come Visit our shop, Lots of common, rares and Rare Elites, and a few other things as well. Currently over 100 Babies for sale.

Brewers Garden Shop at Black Velvet Bay

A store with lots of cheap building objects. Also sale of breedable seahorses and ofcourse Plantpets. Every category is availible. Easy to buy by Bruce's amazing sale boxes...
Come Check it out. And... don't forget our sale area on the second floor.
Oh yeah... also for children there's a kids store...
So, no excuses!
See you soon at Anarya Design!!!

On the old location you still find a teleporter cause we moved the plantpets to an other part of the same sim....
The new slurl would be:

See you soon at Anarya Design!!!!

Visit Bernos Plantpet Supermarket. All types of Plantpets at supermarket prices.

My Inworld Store

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Check out my new store location and new prices and sales around it, still under construction, but have the latest and always new babies added, don't miss it and check it out.

There are 10 types of people who understand binary. Those who do, and those who don't.

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Come see our wide selection of PlantPets!

Lovely growing garden of PlantPets on display and PlantPet seeds for sale


A new shop where you can buy cheap Plantpets and Booster.

This shop is new and there are a little number Plantpet.
We add often Plantpet.

come see. :)

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Come on over to see what we've been breeding!

In addition to PlantPets, we have game tables (Greedy, Can't Stop, etc), a dance floor, 7Seas fishing and many other breedables but no others are as affordable as the PlantPets!

Stormwalker Breeders is a new pet store specializing in different breedables including PlantPets. Many different species to chose from including commons, rares, elites, and seasonals. Competitive prices. Also have original plant stands and tables not found anywhere else on the grid! If we don't have what your looking for on our shelves, drop a request form in the box near the door and we WILL find it for you with no obligation to buy and no up-front cost! No other store can say that! We also accept returns within 5 days for a 25% restocking fee!
Come check us out!

Stormwalker Breeders
"Expanding Families"

Family Breedables is back on the grid featuring PlantPets!
- PlantPets Greenhouse & Store
- Affordable Rentals
- Bid Boards
- 7 Seas Fishing Contests
- Ice Cream Parlor
- & FREE Raffle @ 5 PM Daily (Come tap the Raffle Ball. . .you do not have to be present to Win!)
- & FREE Advertising in Family Breedables Group

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Come take a peek at Riotstar Ranch, purveyors of beautiful breedables! Growing the most perfect plants at deliciously low prices from Limited Elites to Commons.

Riotstar Ranch - beautiful breedables

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I would like to see a greenhouse flower who can help me?

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You can find every flower from catalog in Plantpets Delight store. Every week we offer a discount for certain species. You can try your luck at Gacha machine or slap the target board to win a flower.

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Breeder of Plant Pets for over 5 years. Large variety available at reduced prices.